Extra Options

CJs Huggables is now offering more options for costumes and mascots for a customized look and to meet additional needs that you may have. Please see the list and links/examples below to learn more about these additional features.
CJ Huggables Well-Crafted, Highly- Durable Costumes and Mascots

  • Secure Chin Strap (No Charge) - Elastic chin strap can be attached to secure head for high activity. While putting head on, just pull strap over chin to secure head.
  • Choose-a-Face (Call for pricing) - Because of our versatile molding process we can easily customize large items by playing "Mr. Potato Head " with facial features. See EXAMPLE »
  • Shoulder Supports For Large Items ($26) - Foam covered shoulder supports can be added for extra support and comfort.
  • Pear-Shaped Body ($26) - This option can be added to animal costume or mascot body suits to create big hips with a haunches look. See EXAMPLE »
  • Fierce Look ($17) - Do you want your costume or mascot to look fierce and not friendly? If so, we can add fierce-looking teeth. See EXAMPLE »
  • Diva Look ($17) - Would you like your animal costume or mascot to be a Diva? If so, we can add long eyelashes and make up. See EXAMPLE »
  • Unitard Under Garment ($62) - Costumes and mascots such as fruits and vegetables can be accessorized with a stretch Unitard.
    Available in assorted colors. See EXAMPLE»
  • Logo Attached (Price Quoted Per Logo) - Your custom logo can be applied to body suits in choice places, using various applications.
  • Color and Size Substitutions - Colors can be substituted at no additional cost. You can also specify body suit sizes. The standard "Large" is most versatile, however, Child Large; Adult Small; Adult Medium/Large and Adult X-Large are available. Please add $26 for the Adult X-Large size.


Don't forgot to visit the Miscellaneous page to view our wide variety of animal and "man" feet, shoes, boots, and accessories. Our special accessories include mascot stuffers, muscle chest, and muscle arms. We also feature knight costumes and mascots, as well as knight armor and a gladiator costume.